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Completing our Top 10 YouTube channels- Part 2


We have had some great feedback on our Part One, so here is the second part to digest. Happy watching.

6. Rick Beato (4.2 m subscribers) Song deconstruction/industry spokesperson

Very much a musicians musician, and his wonderful knowledge of playing, composition etc.. gives him a very successful You Tube/Patreon channel. Absolutely fascinating process of deconstructing a song, and analyses the composition in his ‘ What makes a song great’ series. Lots of great interviews with artists, digging deep into their playing, and what makes then tick. He has produced a lot of very high-quality material that is very watchable. A well-regarded figure in the industry, with a solid reputation.


7. Techmoan (1.36m subscribers) Technology archaeologist

An English chap who loves to look at old and new technology, especially from the last fifty years. How many cassette style formats do you think there have been? Well watch his You Tube/ Patreon to find out. He hunts down and takes an in-depth look at this older technology, (Game machines, record players, audio add on’s, music players, and many failed formats.) The winners tend to write the history. Good entertainment and great fun to watch this somewhat quirky, but enthusiastic chap at work.


8. Darko Audio (339k Subscribers) Industry digital superstar

The interesting thing about John Darko is his You Tube channel largely covers digital format, with a penchant for electronic music and all manner of devices. Highly regarded in the Audio industry his professional videos are informative, inspirational, and easy to digest. Some of the best audio related content on You Tube.

9. Mend It Mark (86k subscribers) A knowledgeable gent

What a very nice guy! He is English and an audio technician with a vast collection of cool analytical tech and knowledge to back it up. He can take the sorriest case of equipment, be it a cassette deck, power amp, stereogram and methodically take apart, and dig in looking for that elusive fault. Some easier that others, but all fascinating.


10 NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (9.46m subscribers) Musical democracy in action.

National Public Radio is non-profit USA media group bringing music to the masses since 1970, with a syndication of 1,000 stations. The ‘Tiny Desk’ are live performances by artists such as Chaka Khan (fantastic btw), Khruangbin (magical), Robert Glasper, Thundercat, Weezer, Bob James, Hot Chip, Sleater-Kinney, and stacks of stuff we don’t even know….which is fun to explore. It’s a great was to see an artist in an intimate live performance. They ‘Tiny Desk’ concerts are worth watching believe you me. Its’ all-live baby.


**Please note: many of the channels also have a Patreon platform and if you are enthusiastic about one of the above, then support through Patreon would be wonderful. Many of the content creators only get revenue this way. Help support these great channels.

If you have any more to share, please let us know!
All the best, Otis



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