Japanese Pressings Vinyl

The origin of a 'pressing' has occupied the typewriter of music critiques, audiophiles and the collector, for many a long year.

At OnVinyl we are focused on quality, which is why all Used/As New Vinyl are carefully selected, cleaned, listened to, and graded.

We strongly believe in the quality of Japanese pressing, which are from the period of the late 60's to when it all came to a deadstop in 1990. If you have listened to any Japanese vinyl in this period you will be charmed by it's quiet and revealing nature. The Japanese record companies were also very good at including lots of extra treats with the record, making the joy of owning the format, even better. We still love UK/US and German pressings of the period, but some Japanese pressings need to be on everyone's collecting list. The great pleasure of collecting is all about looking at new things, after all.