Used Vinyl

We have a very rigorous selection process for all items in the Used/As New section.

All Vinyl is hand selected by our buying team using the following criteria-

Condition being the number one factor of the vinyl, and sleeve. Flatness, marks/scratches and look. What does the sleeve/deadwax tell us about it's pressing history? 

Cleaning and grading- All Used and As New Vinyl is professionally cleaned, dried and tucked in a new damage-free quality Inner sleeve. The record is then inspected again, and it then goes through a listening process, using a high-end Hifi system. Notes are complied on each Record with grading notes. All Vinyl is graded by eye and ear!

Then onto the website- once all has been completed and still meets the quality standards, the item is extensively photographed (love those Japanese editions) and keyed in.

It's an involved process but we get such great feedback on the quality of the Vinyl