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Music/ Vinyl/ Tech YouTube channels recommended by OnVinyl, Part 1.

Much in the way Audio Podcasts have been great for research and keeping up to date with trends, so you can see on the You Tube platform. What a great way to spend 10 minutes or an hour watching.

At OnVinyl we have identified a few tasty channels that are interesting, informative, and all help to expand our knowledge of music, our Vinyl obsession and or have great tech related features.  

We’ve tried to guide you to ten great channels to boost your spirit and knowledge, some of which you may already know.

 1. Steve Wilson- (281k subscribers) Industry Leader

One of the great artists, producer, engineer, composer, today….currently on trend. Steve is a multitalented chap, and over the last few years become a ‘musical go-to’ in the industry and help on all kinds of projects. His conversation with Tim Bowness in a video series called ‘The Album Years’ is brilliant. Just watched ‘1985’. Well worth checking out.


 2. Tracking Angle- (22k subscribers) with Michael Fremer- Vinyl Godfather

This is the new breakaway from the ‘Analog Planet’ website and led by Michael Fremer, the Vinyl, and tech guru. He has worked for top audio magazines being Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. The website is filled with fascinating and authoritative content. High end audio mostly but also focusses on new Vinyl releases accessible to us all. Michael makes the You Tube channel interesting and great fun. Videos include new music releases, audio shows, pressing plants, recording/engineering studios, new audio gear and setup, etc..


3. Andy Edwards- (30k subscribers)

Drummer/musician and a very good content creator on You Tube and Patreon. He has a huge depth of knowledge and seems to love discussing the history of all musical forms including rock, prog rock, Jazz fusion, and others… Lots of prog but always great watching.


4. SorinVinyl (1,000 subscribers) Youthful enthusiasm

A very knowledgeable young collector who seems to be an inveterate crate digger who loves vinyl, and especially any Prog and Psych rock. Really knows his stuff, and always produces new and interesting records to show us. It’s gratifying to see a younger collector as enthusiastic as he is. He brings a positive spin on record collecting today. (Pun intended)


5. Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac (253k subscribers) Old school Hifi guru

One of the old school music lovers that has worked in the Hifi industry for many years. A very likeable chap, with a huge knowledge base, and questionable taste in shirts. Easy to watch content and you will always learn some new factoids.




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