· By David Millar

New Year, time to try some new gear?


To make the most of your vinyl experience and keep your cherished records in optimal condition there's a couple of places to start:

Carbon Fibre Brush: A Sound Investment

When was the last time you updated your record/stylus cleaning tools? Over time, the trusty carbon fibre brush can accumulate dust, pet fur, hand oils, smoke residue, and general pollutants. To maintain the pristine quality of your vinyl collection, we recommend replacing your brush with a superior option like the Clear Audio Carbon Fibre Brush.


Stylus Cleaning: Precision Matters

The stylus, often considered the 'sharp-end-of-the-stick,' is prone to collecting debris mentioned earlier. Ensure the longevity of your stylus and the clarity of your audio by replacing your stylus cleaning fluid and micro-brush. We recommend the Clear Audio 'Elixir of Sound' fluid and Diamond Cleaner micro-brush.

All of these essential items are available on our website at super January pricing that won't break the bank. Make this year the one where your vinyl collection receives the care it deserves.

Now that's a New Year's resolution well worth keeping.



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