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Discover new Music through Podcasts


The allure of collecting vinyl records lies not only in the joy of acquiring physical copies but also in the quest for new and captivating sounds.

The vast array of musical creativity can be overwhelming, with a seemingly endless raft of genres and artists awaiting discovery. Navigating these may take multiple lifetimes to truly appreciate. 

During our formative years, musical preferences are often shaped by the influences of friends, family, budget constraints, and access to music. As time progresses, the natural curiosity that fuels exploration tends to wane, and our tastes may solidify. However, a fantastic avenue for reigniting that curiosity is through podcasts.

It's worth noting that not all podcasts delve deep into the intricacies of music, and some may lack genuine knowledge about the artists they discuss. At OnVinyl, the team note that one podcast stands out for its depth of insight is "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs" hosted by the knowledgeable Andrew Hickey.

Covering the expansive period from 1938 to 1999, this podcast offers a captivating journey through the evolution of rock music. Accessible on various podcast platforms, we are currently immersed in Episode 171 on 'Hey Jude.'

Most episodes run for approximately half to one hour, making them easily digestible . Andrew Hickey's thorough approach goes beyond merely discussing the song itself; each episode unfolds as an in-depth exploration into the artist's life, their body of work, the social climate of the time, and interactions with fellow musicians.

Two Episodes that stand out and would be a great place to start: 166 on "Crossroads" by Cream, or Episode 152 on "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.

While "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs" is a standout example, numerous other excellent podcasts exist. Embarking on the journey of listening to one will lead you to unexpected musical gems. We highly recommend giving Andrew's podcast a try and,  consider supporting the podcaster on their 'Patreon' platform. It's a small investment that helps sustain the creation of enriching content for fellow music enthusiasts.


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