Souls of Mischief

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93 'til Infinity- 30th Anniversary 2LP


Get Down On #GET 51520, Made in USA

2x Vinyl LP, Reissue 2023, Limited Edition of 2000, 1x Yellow Cloudy, 1x Blue Cloudy

Emerging in 1991 'Souls of Mischief' hit the ground running with this hip-hop classic '93 'till Infinity', with the song from the title bursting into all radiowaves and TV. Great samples, solid playing and great voices gave this an undeniable presence.

A slow burner in charts but is now recognised as one of the best West coast groups of the 90's.

Recommended. Watch the video on YouTube. You can also listen to the original sample from the amazing Billy Cobham's song 'Heather' listen at about 8 mins in....