MoFi Studio Phono Stage


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MoFi Studio Phono Stage - MM / MC. Fantastic deal!

One of the key items in any Vinyl setup is the Phono Pre-amplifier, along with a great cartridge. You cannot hear what the stylus doesn't pick up, and the signal lifted by the Phono pre-amp. Most people when starting out run the turntable into the inbuilt phono pre. As many will attest, a separate higher quality Phono stage, will give audible gains.

Mofi have developed some very fine phono preamps for your listening pleasure.

The Studio is the entry to their range, but not entry by quality or ability. You can select the gain, on the underside, by dip switches to perfectly match your cartridge. It is optioned for both MM and MC coil cartridges. The Mono function is for any mono recording you may have, or want. Also a Subsonic filter helps correct deficiencies when you encounter a slightly warped record. 

A beautifully built Phono preamp from Mofi that is worthy of their commitment to fine Analog playback.