Vinyl Care

Cleaning Records for Beginners

Why Clean your records?

Like many things in life, care for them and they last a lifetime. Vinyl records are no different, a well looked after record will provide you many years of enjoyable listening pleasure.

From the start of the manufacturing process, it usually leaves a residue on a new record, this being called the ‘release compound.’ So even on a new record cleaning is essential. You have a fresh new album; it will need a clean.

How about a forty-year-old record? They, unfortunately manage to collect dust, pollen, smoke, fingerprints, cat hair, etc from day one. They will very much need a clean.

Three main machines and processes:

  1. Vacuum- Most have a rotating platter the record is affixed to. A cleaning solution is applied, diluted with distilled water, and spread on the surface. A vacuum device then runs across the record, whilst spinning, and sucks up the cleaning liquid and hopefully any residue. 
  2. Ultrasonic- A newer style of cleaning that uses soundwaves to create cavitation bubbles in a liquid bath. After a couple of other steps, the record is gently transformed.
  3. Manual- Ok for the beginner, but generally does not clean to a professional degree.

Electronic Cleaning Machines- A more expensive option that the manual Spin type. Why not go in with a couple of friends on the purchase. Clean records, and it is a great chance to listen with friends.

Vinyl can come in a somewhat abrasive paper sleeve, or generic plastic. However, these are not the best for long term storage. We recommend you switch to a high-quality poly lined sleeve, like Mofi


Vinyl as best stored vertically. Like fine-wine, consistency of temperature and humidity (and non-dusty) is the key. Keep out of direct sunlight please. Vinyl ideally should be stored in static free sleeves. This ensures that the record remains largely free of dust. MoFi sleeves are excellent for storage, and available to purchase on this site.