Condition is a highly subjective, and contentious issue, with the casual and serious collector.

There is a couple of commercial grading systems available, but do not address the issue of ‘How does the Record sound?’ and that is very much the philosophy for the ‘OnVinyl’ team.

 Therefore, this is how we view things:

  • Is the cover clean and what damage? We are going to focus on any creases and wear inconsistent with the age of the album. A forty-year-old album will have slightly different patina to a five-year-old one.
  • Condition of the record, and how does it sound? Now we all love early/first pressings if we can get our hands on them. The current supercharged market means many of these first press is out of most buyer’s range. We want to provide a good honest copy
The collections are divided into three condition categories.


Sealed. These are records that are in the sealed factory sleeves. They have not been listened to, cleaned, or opened. You will be lucky enough to unseal these gems.

As New. These are records that have generally been cleaned and graded. In doing so we have worked to bring you records in the absolute best condition, and hopefully will be a great sounding album.

Used. Unlike the ‘As New,’ these are vinyl that have had a chance to live a little. Oh, the stories they could tell! We have given the Record a visual inspection and play to access the quality. (Some EPs have not been graded)

Japanese Pressings- A treat for the Record collector, and beginner alike. The Japanese were very particular on the complete process of Vinyl virgin material, the quality of the manufacturing process, through to pressing plants, sleeves, artwork, etc. And today collectors highly rate Japanese pressing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you would like to discuss this further or have any questions about the Grading.