· By David Millar

Vinyl Test tracks to evaluate new HiFi gear.

We all have our favourite tracks we love to use for evaluating new gear, and they are our reference points by which we judge all others. Audiophiles are always on the lookout for that new piece of gear which they hope will give them the perfect sound, or perhaps you are already there. Benchmarking, with familiar tracks, has always been a most enjoyable process. ‘Can we squeeze more detailing out of this new component?’

We wanted to share our go-to list of some favourite tracks we love to use. This list is in chronological order only.

Muddy Waters- Track ‘Feel like going home’, from the album ‘Folk Singer’. 1964

Little Feat- Tracks ‘Long Distance Love’ followed by ‘Day or Night’, From ‘The Last Record Album’. 1976

The Rolling Stones- Track ‘Melody’ from the album ‘Black and Blue’. 1976

Bonnie Raitt- Track ‘The Glow’ from the album of the same name. 1979.

New Order- Track ‘Blue Monday’ from the album ‘Substance’. 1987

Massive Attack- Track ‘Sly’ from the album ‘Protection’. 1994

Buena Vista Social Club- Track ‘Chan Chan’ from the album ‘Buena Vista Social Club’. 1997

Beck- Track ‘Paper Tiger’ from the album ‘Sea Change’. 2002

Radiohead- Track ‘Burn the Witch’ from the album ‘Moon Shaped Pool’. 2016

Bicep- Track ‘Apricots’ from the album ‘Isles’. 2021


We would love to hear your thoughts on our list, but it would be even better if you shared your list with us. If you could email us on info@onvinyl.co.nz

At OnVinyl we listen to hundreds of second-hand albums a year as part of our grading process and love albums that standout due to production, musicianship and that X-factor. There are always a few surprises, and new discoveries that go straight to the Pool room.

We would appreciate any other feedback you have.


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