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Music and Movies we love to love.


Music and Movies we love to love. 

An extraordinary soundtrack possesses a captivating allure, seamlessly linking the visual elements of a film to create a delight to the ears and eyes. Carefully curated or masterfully composed, the music transcends mere entertainment, elevating the storytelling narrative to profound levels. It serves as a key touchpoint for the audience, imprinting the essence of the movie-going experience.

Think about the time you saw classics like 'Pulp Fiction' or 'Blade Runner' for the first time. In those instances, a stellar soundtrack transforms the viewing into a cultural phenomenon, encapsulating the essence of that specific time and place. It evolves beyond a mere accompaniment, assuming the role of a 'cultural artifact.'

A soundtrack's potency extends beyond its cinematic counterpart, capable of standing alone should the film be less memorable. A remarkable song, thoughtfully integrated, possesses the power to etch itself into the viewer's soul, becoming an inseparable part of their cinematic identity.

Our curated lists reflect our ideas of a 'Great Movie/Great Soundtracks,' where both elements come together to create a cinematic masterpiece. Additionally, we explore the realm of ‘Not great movies, Great Soundtracks,' acknowledging that sometimes a remarkable musical accompaniment might be enough to redeem an otherwise mediocre cinematic experience.

These selections highlight the enduring impact of music in shaping our memories and connecting us to the essence of the movies we cherish.


Great Movies, Great soundtracks

Pulp Fiction- 1994- Unforgettable experience from Mr. Tarantino.

Blade Runner- 1982- ‘A visual symphony’ as Lynn of Tawa would say. Undisputed Sci-fi classic.

Trainspotting- 1996- Riotous work of genius, with music to match.

Dazed and Confused-1993- The time machine back to ’76.

O’ Brother where art thou?- 2001- A Coen brothers delight, set in the Great Depression.

Lost in Translation- 2003- A delightful hit with an impeccable soundtrack.

Virgin Suicides- 2001- Moody and atmospheric outing from Sophia Coppola. Great music by ‘Air’


Not great movies, Great Soundtracks

Singles- 1992- The ultimate Seattle soundtrack from 1992, not your best work Mr. Crowe.

FM- 1978- Ponderous movie, but Soundtrack great snapshot of the late 70’s L.A scene.

Purple Rain- 1984- Wonderous music from Prince, but let’s park the movie.

Almost Famous- 2000 – Tough call this one. Some people loved the movie, but the Soundtrack performed CPR.

Pretty in Pink- 1986- Looks very dated now, but a whole generation loved that music.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert- 1994- Aussie classic with some perfectly placed music.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High- 1982- Goofy to watch now, but Soundtrack solid


Honourable Mention

Easy Rider- 1969- More than just a movie, it was a declaration of rebellion.

High Fidelity- 2000- Quirky characters trying to make it through life, with a goal on finding great music.

All about my Mother- 1999- Spanish masterpiece from Pedro Almodovar.

Interstellar- 2014- This Hans Zimmer soundtrack has become the new classical music.


The list has been from discussions with a number of the team here at OnVinyl, and only reflect our choices. Maybe we will look at ‘TV Shows’ soon?

You are most welcome to contribute your own, which we would love to hear from you.







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