· By David Millar

All for the love of Music

I guess the love of music is something we all share. If you have subscribed to our website then it must be true! 

For most of us getting the best sounding copy, is the goal. This can manifest itself in the ‘many variants’ strategy, or the 45rpm direct-to-disc all analog masterpiece, or it might be a lovely early UK or German pressing, we desire. We all have artists that represent a time, place and emotions. Many of you shared your Top Ten albums recently, which was excellent. Thanks.

As the source media the record is only the first part of this question. How do we get the best out of that magical vinyl. 

The reference system we use at On Vinyl has been updated many times over the years and we thought we might share it with you.

Turntable- it’s hard to go past Rega and the P8 is from a long line of wonderful turntables. We have now installed a Lyra Delos MC. Fabulously detailed with nice punchiness.

Phono pre-amp- PS Audio Stellar, the box of magic.

Pre and power amplifiers are Japanese ‘Triode Corp’. All valve Preamp using Mullard vintage valves. Mono power amps have dual KT88’s in each bank. Wonderful warmth and weight with about 45 watts. Plus some lovely hose-pipe cabling.

KEF R11 speakers sit poised to deliver wonderous sounds, and they do.

Very happy with the set up but what’s next?

Love to hear what system you are using?


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